Our proven knowledge, expertise and systems deliver safety and confidence. With a competence that’s unquestionable and an unblemished record, we’re proud to have built a reputation for excellence.

We believe that safe pilotage involves close collaboration at every step. Our pilots collaborate with each other and with ships’ crews, creating effective partnerships that ensure safe passage.

In everything we do, our number one goal is safety. We perform with supreme care and attention to detail to protect our staff, our charges, the Port and the environment.

Piloting Team

A team of highly trained and experienced maritime professionals who safely link Brisbane with the world.

Protection and Safety

Our unsurpassed knowledge of the Bay and Port is captured in carefully managed safety systems.

Safety Alert

Humpback whale migration

From September to November, thousands of humpback whales will pass through the Brisbane and Moreton Bay area.

Our Promise

Brisbane Marine Pilots is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient navigation of large ships within the Moreton Bay Marine Park. We approach pilotage with a focused diligence and dedication, enabling our team of marine pilots to deliver an exceptional level of service.

Operating with systems and technology that are second-to-none, we adhere to the highest standards of safety in all aspects of our operation.

Our core objective is to bridge land and sea logistics safely, and we collaborate closely with our ships’ crews, the Port Operator, State Government and all other service providers. We provide expert advice on improving the efficiency of the Port, while managing all associated risks.

Brisbane Marine Pilots respects the trust placed in us by the community to protect the Bay and the Port, both critical to Queensland’s economy.

About Us

Our Story

Brisbane Marine Pilots core business is to train and supply Marine Pilots to assist ships visiting the Port of Brisbane and provide a common safety system under which all Pilots work within the Port.

Our bay & our community

Our bay and its wildlife

The Moreton Bay Marine Park is formed by three large island’s Stradbroke and Moreton Islands’ to the East and Bribie Island to the North West.

port information

Seafarer Welfare

Brisbane Marine Pilots is committed to making the lives of seafarers a little easier. All of our Pilots have served many years at sea and in our daily work we often see the very difficult working and living conditions seafarers face.

About Us

What is a marine pilot?

Marine Pilots are employed throughout the world to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of large ships in congested, confined and/or environmentally sensitive waters.